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Changing Channels (2021)​


Changing Channels was a creative project led from January-July 2021 by local artist in residence for Canal Ward, Saffy Setohy, in collaboration with visual artist Margaret Kerr, dance artist Lizzie Rawes, and producers Feral Arts. 

Film documentation of the exhibition

Working alongside communities in Canal Ward, Changing Channels  explored the regeneration of the Forth and Clyde Canal, and our changing relationship with it, through experiencing the place with all our senses. There were two main elements to the project: 


  • an online workshop series in collaboration with a group of local women of all ages. The workshops were accompanied by activity packs designed by Margaret and Saffy, designed to invite new ways of experiencing the local canal environment through the senses and mindful creative practices. During the workshops there were discussions about tensions and dialogues between nature and the urban environment, regeneration, gentrification, rewilding and care


  • a school workshop series at Hamiltonhill Claypits with class P6 from St. Theresa’s Primary School in Possilpark. The workshops explored our relationship with the environment and how we can care for it through sensory exercises, meditation, historical research and tree planting, engaging the children’s own sense of connection with their local environment


These explorations generated drawings, writing, photography, rituals and collections of objects, curated at Lambhill Stables for the community to enjoy and reflect alongside.

Sound work made in collaboration with class P6 of St Teresa’s primary school (please listen on headphones whilst looking at accompanying image of found clay objects) 


sound design: Nicolette Macleod 

Changing channels exhibit track
00:00 / 03:07

Image of found clay objects (photo credit: Margaret Kerr) 

PDF containing further project information, images and creative scores that participants explored to generate the artworks. Please feel free to download and try the scores yourself! 

Special thanks to all the participants: 


Carol, Jan, Julie, Nina, Sharon F. Sharon M. Sara, Sadie, and class P6 of St. Teresa’s Primary School. 



Thanks also to:


Bob, Tim & Reiko at Hamiltonhill Claypits, Siobheann and St. Teresa’s school staff, Brian at NG Homes, Susanne, Anton, Bex, Alasdair, Minty, Ryan, Joe, Neva, and Tramway. 


Creative Communities: Artists in Residence is a Glasgow-wide initiative, funded by Glasgow City Council and delivered by Glasgow Life, bringing artists in residence to every ward of the city.

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