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​Invisible Lines (2014)

A live performance for outdoor festivals and indoor or gallery events.


Currently available for touring.

Images: David McCormick / Pablo Llopis 

Two people journey through time, space and site, connected mouth to mouth by an almost invisible thread. Invisible Lines is an intimate, sculptural, meditative and sometimes playful exploration of shared vulnerability and unspoken negotiations. Potent images emerge and fade, transforming as soon as they have settled. The people exchange spaces, weight and glances. Sometimes falling through space, sometimes resting in quiet repose. The line that connects the people dissolves and reappears in the light, flickering tenderly, as if a third entity. As the people coil around each other, the line transforms flesh. Power relations shift and change in this unusual, engaging, yet subtle dance which speaks of how we might co-exist in the world.

Invisible Lines explores interconnectedness through the unfolding of the lived moment.


Devised and performed by UK-based dance artists Saffy Setohy and Luke Birch, conceived and directed by Saffy Setohy.


Co-commissioned by South East Dance and Le Phare Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Haute-Normandie, as part of DanSCe Dialogues 2.


Mentored by Henrietta Hale and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh.

“Invisible Lines was a beautiful addition to our outdoor festival.

 It is at once intimate and at the same time capable of communicating to audiences across large open spaces”

Owen Calvert-Lyons,

Eastleigh Unwrapped

I was drawn in by the clean, clear quality,

the work rewarded me for my attention, giving room for interpretation without prescribing a narrative.... beautiful

Audience member

Siobhan Davies Studio

Invisible Lines has been presented at:


Eastleigh Unwrapped, UK 


‘choreographing the street’ conference, Sotteville, Rouen (part of ZEPA 2), France

Dance Hunt Aberdeen, UK (St. Nics Kirkyard)

Z’estivales Le Havre, France


Feedback Forum, supported by Independent Dance and Siobhan Davies Studio, UK


Unfix festival of Performance and Ecology, CCA Glasgow, UK


DanceLive festival, Aberdeen, UK 

See News page for information about

upcoming performances

Invisible Lines has 2 presentation options:

  • 15 minutes long with audience in the round, and can be performed several times a day.

  • a roaming performance over 45 minutes, in which the audience glimpse the work incidentally.


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