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Soliloquy (2012)

A durational and immersive 3-channel video, performance and sound installation.


Currently available for touring.

“beautiful... immersive and sensual”

“well-crafted and captivating”

“compelling, simple and complex, I loved being immersed in it”

 “challenging and insightful”

Audience comments

s o l i l o q u y has been presented at:

Barbican Studio Theatre, Plymouth

Kestle Barton Rural Centre
for Contemporary Art


Southbank Centre

Tagore Festival, Dartington Hall

Lightmoves International Festival of Screendance, Limerick, Ireland

See News page for information about

upcoming presentation.

s o l i l o q u y is a durational and immersive 3-channel video, performance and sound installation inspired by Virginia Woolf's experimental play-poem the waves. s o l i l o q u y is available for installation in festivals, galleries and unusual spaces.

​landed; I trace
shifting states
streaming memory
I break through reflection
to find my myths

A collage of sound and moving image, the work invites you to trace your own way through fractured constellations of body and place.

Created in reference to Virginia Woolf’s experimental play-poem, The Waves, s o l i l o q u y is performed by Saffy Setohy, and created in collaboration with an exciting new collective of artists including composer Nick Mott, video artist Charlotte Jackman-Bloom, and dramaturg Alicia Grace.

This project is supported by Arts Council England, University College Falmouth, The Works Dance and Theatre Cornwall and Pavilion Dance South West.

Southbank Centre installation

An education/public engagement offer is available. Please contact Saffy for further discussion

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