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Towards Stillness (2009)

Towards Stillness was created during participation in the Dance Beyond Borders European residency programme.

A performance at Outlet Festival, Germany 2009

A performance at Outlet Festival, Germany 2009

Towards Stillness has been presented at:


Dancekiosk Hamburg


Outlet Festival, Germany

Salisbury Arts Centre (Practice)


Abundance Festival Sweden

Arnolfini (you and your work)



Choreographed and performed by Saffy Setohy

Sound and video by Reynir Hutber


Towards Stillness integrates structured improvisational dance with live sound and video to create an immersive installation. The audience experience the performance in the same space as the performance action. They are invited to witness and become influential in, the emergent properties of the installation.


A study on ideas around transformation and collectivity, the work provides an opportunity for audience and performer roles to become more fluid, a meditation on what it means to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Reworked version performed and filmed at Arnolfini, Bristol 2010.

 This project has been supported at various stages by the Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship Fund, London Metropolitan University, the European Commission Culture Programme through Dance Beyond Borders, Laban, Penryn College and Creative Skills.


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