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Unexpected Animal | Kindling (2013)

Created during the Summer of 2013, Unexpected Animal is choreographed by Saffy Setohy especially for mother and son duo, Lois Taylor and Jake Taylor-Bruce. Toured in a double bill with a short film work Kindling, the project marks the coming of a new era for the dancers as they discover new avenues of independence.

“I thought the work was very lovely and gentle, playful, not mawkish or sentimental at all

Morag Deyes,

Dancebase, Edinburgh

Very touching to see the authenticity of the relationship unfolding on stage"

Yael Flexer


Unexpected Animal | Kindling has been presented at:

Liskerette Centre, Liskeard

Calstock Arts

Looe Community Academy

Grampound Community Hall

Chisenhale Dance Space, London

The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton

Images: Pari Nader

Unexpected Animal is a live performance, which invites the audience to witness the palpable joy Lois & Jake share for dance. The performance breathes the physical expressions shared in a loving relationship, into choreographic form. Stirred into this fervent duet is a live sound score performed and composed by Nick Janaway. 


Kindling is a short film, in which film maker Charlotte Jackman Bloom traces Lois & Jake as they move through places that have been the habitat of their relationship. The film features a sound score by Nick Janaway, which draws on the dancers everyday environment, and recalls images, memories and observations, which they have shared over twenty years.


Dramaturg: Alicia Grace
Co-producers: Clare Fisher and Sarah Cobley
Unexpected Animal | Kindling has been commissioned by Arts Council England,co-commissioned by Pavilion Dance and supported by Swindon Dance and Falmouth University.

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